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ImageResize is a simple yet powerful tool that lets you add details and/or resize all your photos in a single click. Once selecting your photos, you can view picture data, select which data to add to the photo (such as date and time) and the required photo size. With one click – you get new set of photos with the required settings. Great tool for photo resize before emailing, publishing, sharing, or embedding your photos.

ImageResize is easy to use and will automatically update not a single photo but all the photos selected. The new photos either saved to a new directory or renamed by ImageResize and saved in the same location as the original photos.

One more great feature is the ability to add data on the photo. You can select data types from a wide range of options including date and time when picture was taken, Camera make and model, photo details such as exposure time, ISO speed, Aperture value and more (depending on camera exposing those details). You can even add your own label with photo description. Font and size of the data can be, off course, subject to your selection.


ImageResize is free to test (30 days) and requires payments if you choose to continue using it.


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