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Test - Planning, Automation and Load

The testing team has tested the new version; some of the bugs were fixed while others are considered lower priority and were not. The version is released and installed at the first  customer... Few days later – R&D is fully engaged in bug fixing, customer is not happy (to say the least), development plans are a history as everyone working on the bugs found on the customer’s site. How did that happen? You went through a testing cycle, fixed the important bugs, and tested the system under load… looks like something was missing.

Testing planning and load testing are complex and get more and more complex as your product evolves. There is no time to test the entire product in each version - the decision what to test more and what to test less (or not at all) are crucial for your business, yet may not be taken with proper information and insight into the architecture. Load and capacity testing are vital – those are complex, expensive and resource bound tests. You invested a lot in those tests – but did you invest efficiently?

With my experience in complex system testing and building for high scale, I can work with you to design and plan your tests. This includes defining what type of tests should be done, identifying areas for test automation and defining the expected load (load model) that your system will have to support in real life. Once this is done, we continue in identifying the required tools – some may be off-the-shelf tools while others you may need to develop or stub within your system. We also build the framework for deciding which tests to run in each version – based on the product tree, the risks and, naturally, the time constraints.

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