Orit Kislev-Kapon Consultancy

Software architecture, design and testing

Computer Networking 

Complex systems are distributed and a key element in correct design will be the internetworking between the different elements, or nodes, of your system. Correct design can make the difference between a success and failure in the  development of such a complex system. This includes the time to development, the integration time and last but not least, the efficiency and resources required by the deployed system.

Correct networking and interface design are even more crucial when integrating different systems, possibly developed by different groups or companies. A well designed project will define the network protocol, including the control and data transfer, taking into consideration the bandwidth, efficiency of   resources, security needs, flexibility to changes and future extendibility.

With my experience in complex and distributed systems I can work with you to design the solution and work closely with the development team during implementation and testing. The project starts with identifying the requirements (required interfaces, bandwidth, security, and more), designing the internetworking solution at high level and low level details.

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