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Software architecture, design and testing


Large deployment / system scale-up

Your product runs smoothly when in the test lab, yet can not hold large scale deployment. You have just got a new PO for a large deployment; the champagne has been drunk and now is the time to start the hard work… Under load, your product slows down, UI is unusable and it will even crash at times. Rings a bell?

Vertical scale-up (more HW) will work to some extent, but will not solve internal design issues. DB optimization also enhances performance but yet again, the bottleneck is still there. Time table is stressed, budget is limited – redesign is not an option.

With my experience in high scale systems I can work with you to design a solution and work closely with the development team during implementation and testing. The project starts with profiling the application and identifying bottlenecks. Continue with evaluation of the risk in each of them and improve only the most risky ones. "Scale-up toolbox" includes many options including thread pools optimization, DB changes, breaking the software to HW components, queues optimization, priorities, interface changes, replace not optimized open source code, memory allocation, and much more.

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