Orit Kislev-Kapon Consultancy

Software architecture, design and testing

With vast background in software development, engineering,and management, my main expertise is in software architecture, high level design, test planning and project planning.

I have been working in the high-tech industry for 18 years,building large scale platforms with distributed architecture and high availability requirements combining real-time, on-line and DB methodologies. My background spans from mobile networks platforms to IT products, and includes all stages of the products from initial concept to discussions with customers, product delivery, meeting customer's specific requirements and large scale deployments. 

My objective is to assist high-tech companies in software technology, design and system architecture.

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CV in a brief:

  • Co-founder and VP R&D at Aternity (www.aternity.com )
  • Consultant work as system architect and software analyst
  • 12 years in Comverse – developer, team leader, group leader, testing manager for all products and VP R&D in an internal start-in within Comverse
  • BSc in Mathematics (Tel-Aviv university) and MSc. in computer science (Weitzman institute)

    My full CV can be found in here

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Extensive experience with different platforms, operating systems and technologies
  • Experience in high scale and distributed systems – including software architecture and design, integration and interface design, test architecture and test design.
  • Ability to lead and plan development from initial concept through deployment, including market research, requirements, development and system implementation.
  • Experience in managing development groups with various missions and sizes
  • Experience in R&D management of a leading product, installed at over 200 telephone operators worldwide
Please see Q&A page for additional information on projects.

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