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Software architecture, design and testing

 How do you train yourself on our product?

The products that require this kind of projects are normally complex, with many requirements, distributed architecture and internal interfaces and flows. To complicate matters – in many cases the architecture is not well documented and the knowledge is also distributed between many people.

In my experience in software design I have demonstrated time after time the speed in which I can understand and internalize such systems. I have found out that I know how to ask the right questions both in order to learn and in order to find the weak spots.

Training will start with short interviews with 1-3 key people, continue with self learning of the product as a user and administrator and then ad-hoc, focused, questioning of the key people. Special care is taken not to interfere with the ongoing work of the project including the project management and development teams.

Past history of projects

  •  WAP gateway architecture changes to support large scale deployment – including the gateway's architecture to support high scale while adding PPG (Push Proxy GW) functionality also with high scale and high availability. The project includes both the design and follow-up stages.
  •  Technology analysis related to integration of GSM 3'rd generation and Wifi networks.
  •  Analysis of a company's product for web hosting solutions.
  • Design  architecture changes to enhance a product to become enterprise ready and increase performance from supporting 10K clients to supporting 100K clients and new external interfaces.
  • Designed and built a working demo for purchasing in a vending machine  using SMS messages.
  • Designed a full Command & Control System while reducing the development resources by using existing sub-components and utilizing them in the system's architecture
  • Analyzed and defined the solution for Mobile Advertisement system. This work includes meeting with companies around the world to analyze their solution and proposing the best approach to use. 
  •  And more

How long are such projects?

Naturally, projects can be very different from each other and so is its length. There are projects which are well defined and come to answer a specific question. Those can be short from coupled of weeks to 1-2 months. Other projects may include the follow-up during the development or deployment of the initial output and those can last longer. Off course, the work can be divided into smaller projects with milestones and objectives for each stage.

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