Large deployments

Companies that need to implement their solution in a large scale will often need to adapt the product for such a deployment. This can include the specific topology of the project, external interfaces and integrations, scaling up the product to support large deployment, specific developments for the customer's needs, project based tests and especially scalability tests.

Moreover, such project involves different groups in the company and good communication and information transfer is essential for the project's success. It requires a professional who can manage the interaction and bring to the table project management skills as well as technical experience and risk analysis experience.

I can assist in any of those stages from the planning, design and follow up. I can also assist in actually implementing the integration, building the test suite and the test tools.

Technology or solution analysis

The need to analyze a specific technology may arise by a company that wish to extend its solution or by a VC that wish to analyze the investment in a specific company or product.

The analysis spans from defining the needs, researching the existing solution and analyzing its quality.

Where relevant, I can also demonstrate and develop a prototype of how the technology can be utilized for the benefit of the company.

Test planing and design

Companies often find that their testing environment is lacking. This can be due to lack of resources in the testing team, lack of knowledge or other reasons. The fact is that without proper planning, the amount of resources spent on testing is, in many cases, not providing the value.

Good planning of the tests including risk analysis, planning the test lab, defining the type of tests and the required testing tools is essential to optimize testing.

I can assist in any stage of test planning and design and follow-up the team until its efficiency is multiplied. I can also develop test tools, as required for the project.

Other areas

  • Integration with 3'rd party: Design, plan and follow-up or prototype the integration
  • Scale up: Plan how the current product can be scaled up to support high scalability and high availability requirements. Include both the system architecture as well as the test design
  • Process improvement: To enhance productivity of an R&D team, some processes are essential. It is an artto define the right process of a company/team – in a way that improve yet do not add bureaucracy and keep the free mind atmosphere of the team. Such project can include not only the process definition but also the tools to manage it efficiently.
  • Budget cut: In today's market, many companies are considering a budget cut. A major question in R&D organization is how to limit the long term harms of such a cut. How to keep the knowledge while needing to cut head count, where to invest and where not to. Moreover - what do I do now before the actual cut in order to be ready for it?
  • Other consulting service, packaged for specific needs of the customer

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